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Female model wearing the prismatic cardi and cord flares in baddie blue sits slouched amongst colourful wording.
Image of model wearing the Carly Cord Flares and Jacket inside a squiggly border, text reading 'head in the clouds' warps around the frame.
Image of model wearing the Wave Jeans, Quinn Tee and Kylie Vest with hot air balloon behind her. Text warps around the model reading 'Vest to impress'
Female model wears Oxford Crew in Grasshopper Green and Classic Cap in Washed Orange, she is standing inside a hot air balloon and is resting her hand on her head.
Female model stands in front of blue cloudy skies and blue parachute, she is wearing the Party Pants in Mud Pool Swirl and the Fiesta Knit and Classic Cap.
Female model wears the Eva Jeans in Brown Daisy and the Harper Long Sleeve Top in Grasshopper Green. She is standing inside a hot air balloon in wide leg stance leaning to one side.

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Male model wears the Byron Pants in Fern Green and the Fala Shacket in Desert Khaki with the Classic Cap in Washed Orange. He sits on an old cast iron fence with a cream house in the back. Text overlay: new drop

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