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Bright graphic banner with 'Summer Dreams' text. Photograph shows girls on blow up pool toys in colourful swimwear.
Photograph with blue background of girl in floral dress and blue hat.
Photograph of boy in green tshirt, holding big pool ring above his head.

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Photograph of girl in matching knitted shorts and top set. Standing in an empty pool, holding rainbow pool ring above her head.
photograph of 2 boys in swim shorts, hanging off the edge of a pool.
Photograph of girl in colourful long-sleeve swimsuit, and pink hat covering her face. She sits in rainbow pool ring.
Blue pool background with bright yellow text on the right saying "got tees?. Shop teen girls t-shirts". Not the left is two images of a teen girl wearing denim shorts and a graphic t-shirt with an orange cap.
Image of teen model wearing a green check dress with puff sleeves. The image is cut out in an arch shape with rainbow pool toy.
Image of teen boy in studio. He is wearing blue shorts, a red tee with a green crew tied around him. An illustration of a hand doing 'shakes' is in the top left corner in yellow with blue outline.