Large manual hand printer sits in left corner and smaller manual hand printer on right, in warehouse. Four employees look directly to camera waving hello.

Our mission is to ensure the Ghanda products you buy and love are made in an ethical and humane way. We are conscious of our environmental footprint & continue to put practices in place to ensure future generations can enjoy & share our passion for our environment.

Person holds large canvas with 'We Are Local' printed on front.

Keeping it local

Mass produced items have replaced many goods once made by highly skilled Australian workers.

We are proud to say that as a company we

employ 40+

people in our manufacturing team.

We hand print all of our goods in our own warehouse, located on the Victorian Surf Coast.

100% LOCAL


of everything you see in our stores & online is designed & created by our in-house team of designers.

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Store Level

A key value for us is to approach our store fit-outs in an ecologically sustainable way. We are committed to leading by example & having a positive impact within the retail sector. It is the focus of our designers to produce sustainable fit-out solutions & minimise our impact on the environment.

Our shop fit-outs, fixtures & fittings are all

created by our team here in Australia.


of plastic hangers end up in landfill. That’s why we use timber hangers in all of our stores.

We’ve removed the use of individual poly bags on all of our blank garments. In doing so, we have reduced our plastic consumption by


Person holds large canvas with 'No space for waste.' on front.
Person holds large canvas with 'Made to Last.' on front.
Recyclable symbol

Eliminating Waste

Over consumption & mass produced garments are harmful to our planet. We do not want to be a brand that is contributing to this.

With our local manufacturing facility we can test how well our products are selling. Styles won’t be ordered unless there is a demand for them on a customer level.

We print to order

which means we don’t overproduce styles that won't sell.

We reclaim our printing screens creating

zero wastage.

Our water based inks are made in-house, allowing only the correct amount of supplies to be used.