Kids & Teen | Ghanda Clothing
Colourful kids banner. Image of young boy wearing the sunshine crew, and the colours of the jumper extend onto the background. Drawn clouds surround him and the text "Walking on Sunshine" is white and centre in the lower bottom.
GIF alternating between two images cut out on a blue background, text on the side reads "Sunshine Crew". The first image shows a young boy wearing the Sunshine Crew and the Iggy Pants with a Blue Cap. The Second image shows a young girl wearing the same crew with a blue beanie.
Image of a young girl wearing the Sunrise Cord Puffer in Pink. Two images are overlapped to show the front and the back. Pink background and the text reads "Sunrise Cord Puffer"

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Teen banner with hand drawn bubble writing around the image of a teen girl wearing the Hailey hoodie. Text reads "happy in my hoodie"
Image of teen girls earring the Tokyo Pants and Daisy Panel Knit cut out on a pink background. Text wraps around her reading "teen girls"
Collage of flat lay youth tees and hoodies. Text wraps around the top right corner and reads "teen Boys"