Three young girls sit in a yellow paddle boat. The girl on the left wears a beret, lace back tee and Mod skirt. The girl in the middle wears the Molly Dress and Gwen hat. The girl on the right wears rosa flares in daisy check, a regular tee and salty bucket hat. text overlay: Summer Splash
Two young boys stand side by side on colourful paddle boats. The boy on the left wears the Jam Shorts in Sunset Tie Dye and Thrift Tank. The boy on the right wears the Jam Shorts in Electric Swirl and a regular tee.
Young girl stands on bright pink paddle boat wearing the matching Annika Knit Top and Shorts in Dreamer Stripe. She holds a yellow hat on her head.
Young girl wears the Rockpool dress in pink standing on a yellow paddle boat making a peace sign with her fingers.
Young boy slouches in a pink paddle boat. He wears the Throwback Tee in Jan Juc Stripe and cord walk shorts in black.